BEP Surface Technologies Ltd provides specialised surface finishes, copper, nickel and hard chrome plating as well as high precision grinding. In order to have a sustainable business BEP Surface Technologies Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality for all of its customers.

We aim to meet the following quality objectives:

  • To ensure that all members of the business understand our customers requirements and are committed to meeting these requirements
  • To analyse all forms of feedback, both from clients and internal review and learning from non conformance.
  • To act on that analysis so that our performance continually improves.
  • To demonstrate our compliance with the relevant standards and regulatory requirements to third party assessors.

We aim to reduce the reasons for complaints by listening to client feedback, and taking on board any criticisms they may have to continually improve our business.

In measuring how successful we are in achieving these objectives, we shall undertake Internal Audits of our Policy Objectives and encourage clients to give us feedback as to the level of service they feel they received from our company.

We shall also periodically evaluate the Quality Policy and the Quality Objectives for its continued suitability to our business.

Through close internal communication, ensuring continual competency of all our staff, raising awareness through Training and Management Reviews, we aim to ensure we provide a professional, responsive and reliable range of products and services to all our clients.

Andrew McClusky

Managing Director
March 2016.