Modelling the benefits a Copper chill roll can bring to your business

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Our world-leading Copper shell technology has brought improvements to factories worldwide for over 10 years. But as every process and setup is slightly different, how can you be sure what benefits a copper roll will bring to your business?

To help answer this question, BEP has developed a powerful tool capable of modelling the thermodynamic processes that occur when a chill roll cools down your product. This lets us compare the relative performance of copper and steel rolls, and determine whether you can expect a 10, 20 or 50+ percent increase in performance in your operation.

At BEP we want to work with you to understand your process and requirements, and we are more than happy to use our unique in-house software and know-how to produce a detailed report on the benefits you can expect from a copper roll, all completely free of charge!

For us run our simulations and produce a report, we need a filled in copy of our New Roll Enquiry Form which you can submit or download here. Whilst some of the parameters we ask for might not be known, the more information you can give us, the more accurate and relevant our report is likely to be. With this information we can match your existing setup, then run the same simulations with a Copper shelled roll instead of steel to show the reduced temperatures enabled by the copper. This increased thermal performance can either help to reduce temperatures that are too high, allow you to run the line faster, increase the water temperature to save energy, or some combination of all three! Our software can model all these different scenarios – whether you have a specific performance target you are looking to hit, or are just after whatever improvements you can get, we are here to help.

To view a sample report please click here. The figures used in the sample report are placeholders for illustration only and are not based on any information provided to us by our customers.

If you would like to learn more or request an analysis please contact us at or by calling us on.