Internal Cleaning Service For All Chilled And Heated Rolls

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BEP Surface Technologies offer an internal cleaning service for all Chilled and Heated Rolls. Hot acid is pumped through the roll for 24 hours, then neutralised and flushed with water. If you have a roll that’s overheating or is not getting enough flow this acid clean process can often remove corrosion or a blockage and restore normal flow through the roll and bring it back to normal working condition.

We often receive rolls for Surface /Journal repairs without the customer requesting an internal clean. Whenever this happens, we always ask our customer if they want the refurbished roll to be acid cleaned as well. The usual response is “no, we are not having any problems with flow through that roll at the moment”. The view that an internal clean is something that only needs to be done to fix a problem once it occurs can be short sighted.

At BEP, we like to encourage our customers to view internal cleaning as part of the scheduled maintenance, done regularly to prevent problems caused by blockages or low flow from occurring in the first place.

We recently received a roller from one of our customers who was experiencing flow issues, which meant the roller was not cooling the product as it should. BEP carried out two acid cleans and whilst the flow rate improved, it was no where near the required rate. A decision was made to open up the roller and inspect the water jacket internally.

Roller shown with section of outer Shell removed and showing heavily blocked spiral waterway

Sections of Outer Shell showing blocked spirals

If internal cleaning can be included as part of the regular maintenance procedure, instances like this can be avoided and roll life can be extended. BEP schedule the internal clean ahead of time to limit any effects on production.

PLEASE REMEMBER: A regular internal clean can ensure corrosion is kept to a minimum and your rolls perform as intended and originally designed.

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