Roll Polishing

Ultra-finish chrome rolls are typically used in the manufacture of plastic film, photographic film, plastic, sheet and glass.

Our in-house techniques, developed over many years, enable us to produce high quality mirror polished chrome plated rolls with surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.005um and with TIR and parallelism close to perfection.

As all the pre-grinding, inspection, chrome plating, degassing, finish grinding and polishing is done in-house, we have total control over the finished product and so we can guarantee repeatable quality and realistic lead times.

Textured Surfaces

BEP can produce a wide range of matt, silk and textured surfaces by grit/sand blasting and various electrolytic techniques. The different surfaces can be achieved by varying the blast media, media size, nozzle size, pressure and duration. Using these methods BEP can create a wide range of textures from fine Ra 0.1um to rough Ra 15um.

Generally, these finishes are used for producing plastic sheet, photographic paper, laminating and coated steel strip.