Chill Roll Refurbishment

BEP Surface Technologies has the expertise and technology to refurbish rolls of all sizes up to 1500mm diameter and a weight of 10 tonnes.

It can cost up to £40,000 to replace a large steel cooling roll and £80,000 for a new copper shelled chill roll. Refurbishment charges can amount to less than 30% of the cost of purchasing a new roll from an OEM. On large copper shelled rolls refurbishment can save over 80% against new.

Precision rolls used in plastic sheet and film manufacturing processes generally work in sets of three and because they can run with only microns, separating their concentricity is absolutely critical. Coater rolls used in laminating processes require similarly fine tolerances. BEP’s techniques guarantee maintenance of the structural integrity of rolls and repeatability of the original chrome finish (RA: Roughness Average), TIR (Total Indicator Reading) specifications and tolerances to ensure rolls work first time on re-installation.

Another significant benefit is reduction in down time. Refurbishment is considerably quicker than buying new. BEP undertakes all the necessary processes in-house and can refurbish a roll in 15 working days, compared with 90 days for the manufacture of a new roll.